Here are the top social media tips to boost your business and stand out from the crowd!

Social media business pages are a great way to reach your audience and make a real connection with them. The benefits of having a great social media page for your business include audience growth, brand awareness, increased website traffic, and more leads which result in more sales.

However, a lot of businesses struggle with knowing where to start to really make their social media page shine. Don’t worry, I’ve got the insider tips to make your social media page stand out from the crowd!

  1. Write out a plan and set some goals. 

    Social media tips for business

    • “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.” -Benjamin Franklin.

      Having a clear thought out plan and your goals written down automatically puts you ahead of the game. Studies show you are 42% more likely to reach your goals and dreams if you write them down on a regular basis.

    • Start documenting your ideal client. The better you know who that is, the easier your product or service will sell.
      • Figure out and write down the problem your business solves for your ideal client.
      • Write down their age range, location, income range, and favorite social media sites.
      • Finally, write out a social media plan tailored to fit them. What type of content will you post? Where do you need to “hang out” online to be around this ideal client? What expertise would they be interested in?
  2. Pick the social networks that make sense for your business.

    • Not all social networks are ideal for every business.
      • Linkedin is a great place to go if your ideal client is another business (B2B).
      • Facebook is best for businesses to reach clients. Though, B2B’s should still have a Facebook presence because of their 2 billion+ users and SEO (Search engine optimization). Fashion, fitness, E-commerce, news, blogging, real estate, nutrition, auto, and entertainment industries do well here.
      • Instagram is best for business to customer/client (B2C). This platform is best for those who have a visual product. Travel, food, photography, health, fitness, art, E-commerce, and auto do well here.
      • Twitter is great for both B2C and B2B. Politics have exploded on this platform. News, E-commerce, health, finance, fashion, retail, sports, and telecommunications all do well here.
      • Pinterest is best for B2C. Pinterest is a paradise for women! Recipe/food blogs, beauty, home and garden, travel, fashion, E-commerce, and arts and crafts do great here.
  3. Match the branding of your social media to your website.

    • As a professional, it is important to have a clean, cohesive brand from your website to every social media platform. This is how clients/customers recognize you.
      • Color scheme and branded images should be the same or similar.
      • Add your logo to your profile photos.
      • Make sure your business information and content are cohesive across all platforms.
      • Thoroughly fill out all the information on each social media platform.

    • Please don’t be THAT guy, no one likes THAT guy. Authenticity goes a long way!
      • “Salesy” is irritating and the last thing you want to do is irritate your audience.
      • It feels fake and weakens trust for your product or services.
      • It isn’t necessary at all. The next tip will take you a lot further than being salesy ever will.
  5. Be social! Build relationships.

    • It is easier for us to gain customers and clients through family and friends because they know us, we’ve built trust with them, and there is a personal connection. We need to cultivate this in our business relationships too.
      • Building strong connections and a track record of trustworthiness with your audience results in positive word of mouth, loyal clients and increased sales.
      • Handle complaints with grace and patience, be professional, never act out of emotion. Respond to comments, make polls, ask questions, get to know your audience.
  6. Never guess what your audience wants; ask! 

    • When you’re coming out with a new service package or product, never guess at what you think your audience wants. Do some research so you know what they want.
      • Create a poll. Even if you get a response from 10% of your followers, chances are the other 90% feel partially the same.
      • Gather information from the comment section of your posts. This is a great place to get useful feedback.
  7. Create quality content.

    • I recently heard someone say, content is the fire, social media is the gasoline. This is true because quality content added to your social media page equals an explosion of responses. Social media will take your content further than merely posting to your website. But, you can’t expect to get this result if your content is below par.
      • Be original.
      • Write strong headlines.
      • Add a call for action (subscribe, share, like, comment).
      • Be the answer to your ideal client’s problem.
      • At the very basic level, make sure it’s grammatically correct.
      • Share high-quality images.
      • Use video and live streams.
      • Don’t make it too long, get straight to the point.
  8. Showcase your industry expertise.

    • This is your platform to show your audience why you are the business they need to go with.
      • Create informational posts and videos relating to your industry.
      • Write blogs on helpful tips tailored to your ideal client.
      • Show off your expertise!
  9. Include Video Content.

    • People are more likely to watch a video than they are to read an article or a full body of text. Video content delivers information to your audience where they can effortlessly receive it.
      • Video content gets shared on social media 1200% more than text and images combined!
      • Figure out your objective then create engaging video content to meet that objective.
  10. Transition your social media audience to an email list. 

    • Email marketing is more effective than social media. I know, that’s a bold statement to make, but hear me out. Your email list belongs to you, it is 100% yours. Those who are on your list opted into it, so they’re more likely to pay attention to your emails. Social media isn’t as effective as email because:
        • Facebook is sketchy with your followers on YOUR business page. You could have 20,000 followers yet only 200 see your post with the way FB sets up their algorithm. Instagram is similar.
        • If any of the social media sites crash, you’re just out of luck that day, unless you have an email list.
        • Social media sites have full control of your audience, not you. If they collapse or change some settings or algorithms (again) you’re at their mercy.
            • Use subscription boxes and sales funnels to build your email list of ideal clients.


There you go! Social media tips from an insider’s perspective. I hope this helps you on your entrepreneurial journey! As always, if you need help implementing this in your business, contact me.


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