Many businesses mistakenly write off Pinterest as a place to merely find recipes and DIY projects.

Pinterest is a lot more than just another social media site. It is actually its own search engine and digital marketing gold for those who implement it into their businesses.

Did you know that Pinterest has over 320 million active users per month? AND the average range of income for most Pinterest users is $75,000 per year!

That’s not all, I’m just getting started…

Most users are on Pinterest to research their next purchase. So why don’t you have your product or service there for them to see!?

Not convinced yet? Okay, okay, here are some more facts for you:

71% of Pinterest users are women, and these women are the decision-makers of their home.

Whether they’re looking for a great new appliance, decor for their home, beauty products, clothing, or some great training for their own business, they are already in research and decision-making mode.

Can you say warm leads? Yes, please!

58% of women on Pinterest say the site helps them make decisions for their next purchase. Though women dominate Pinterest, men are actually on there too.

40% of Dads in America use Pinterest for their own research and shopping.

People rely on Pinterest to find new products (ahem…), plan their future, research ways to become healthier, change up their wardrobe, find photographers and photography ideas, and the list goes on.

Pinterest is the, often overlooked, gem for digital marketing as you can see. 

This social media site is not merely for recipes and DIY projects, it is a powerful search engine that could drastically boost leads and conversion for your business with the correct digital marketing strategy.

Pinterest is almost 4 times more effective at generating a sale than ANY. OTHER. SOCIAL MEDIA. SITE.

Yes, you read that right. A whopping 47% of users are on there specifically TO SHOP! You can’t say the same about Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter.

There are only about 28% of marketers using Pinterest globally. This is why I say Pinterest is the hidden gem, the digital marketing gold for your business.

Get a jump on things before your competitors catch on to what a digital marketing gold mine Pinterest really is. 

Here are some tips to help get you started:

As I said earlier, Pinterest is really a search engine, which means SEO (search engine optimization) is a must when you create your business account and start pinning.

Keyword research is very important when optimizing your business Pinterest account for digital marketing.

Make sure you link your website to your account, this helps boost original content from your site in the algorithm.

Fill out all necessary information in your Pinterest account (don’t leave anything blank) with keywords in mind.

80/20… Pin 80% original content and share 20% third party relevant pins for new exposure and strong engagement.

As with every social media platform, consistency is key. All algorithms love consistency. Using tools like Tailwind help with keeping up regularly scheduled pins.

Does this seem overwhelming? Don’t hesitate to contact me if you need help with your business Pinterest account.


With love,

Destinee Digital Marketing

Statistics source: Sprout Social